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  • Change Management

    Business Transformation

  • Efficiency

    Analysis and Process Improvement

  • Operations

    Bridge between Business and Technology, Project Management and Support

  • Control Model

    Definition and Implementation

  • Accounting

    Definition of Accounting Circuits

  • Risk Management

    Operational Risk Reduction and Adaptation to New Regulations

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Professional Business Consulting Services

May Business Consulting is a dynamic international consultancy company that provides business management advisory specializing in Change Management, Transformation, Efficiency and Governance & Control. Having our focus completely on the customer we engage 100% pro-actively to maximize our added value.
Our differentiated business model allows us to help our clients in an efficient manner to improve service levels and to reduce cost. Our clients range from small family businesses to large multinational corporates. Contact us for a chat about:

  • Banking & Financial Services: We support transformation and integration projects from the operational, technological and business perspective, in all phases of the project cycle, including organisational structure and resources management.
  • Insurrance Industry: We help streamlining your business processes to increase competitive edge and profit margins. We are leading transformation of the traditional business model to the current multi-channel market insurers.
  • Transport and Logistics: We turn strategic decisions into actions for expansion within a globalised business and focus our efforts on maximising the chances of success by reducing the risk exposures deriving from growth in the market. At the same time we evaluate and restructure business models based on market best practices.
  • Telecommunications & IT: Whether a multinational or a small family business we help you analysing in detail the industrial processes and together determine which are the key levers that facilitate change towards the defined strategy.